David Beumee - Earth Alchemy Pottery

Gift & Bridal Registry

Stunningly beautiful and uniquely crafted, timeless gifts of handmade porcelain are now available from my Gift & Bridal Registry. Choose from my specially designed and crafted groupings that are displayed in the Gift & Bridal Registry Gallery. 

These porcelain wares are food, oven, 
dishwasher and microwave safe.

Each of these porcelain settings is individually made and hand thrown. No two pieces are, or could ever be, exactly alike. Pieces that are ordered will be made to match a series of place settings or pieces. Thirty years of glaze testing goes into the make of each of these pieces. All of my glazes are food safe, and my pottery can be used in the dishwasher or microwave.

It is important that I talk with you to personally set up the registry to meet your needs. Orders are handled directly, not online, so your guests can be assured their order matches your design specifications. Shown in the Gift & Bridal Registry Gallery are three piece settings. You can order a starter set and add more sets later or customize your order to create a set of mugs or other pieces. 

David Beumée, named one of the ten most significant 
Colorado artists at the Kirkland Museum in Denver.

--Denver Post, December 21, 2003

Please browse my Gift & Bridal Gallery pages to select the designs that match your individual needs and then call me to discuss setting up your Registry. 
Phone: 303-665-6925


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