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"I make utilitarian pots to satisfy  customer demand, and glowing stories of their use have been a source of tremendous personal satisfaction. If the pots give moments of daily pleasure, then my goal has been reached. The apparent irrelevance of and contempt for beautiful, classically formed pots by the ceramic community and the art world are offset by an inner knowledge that a really good pot can hold its own with any clay “objet d’art,” however sexually explicit, confrontational, or ugly the piece may be. That a smattering of superb pots continues to be included in the biennial NCECA National is proof of this fact."

David Beumée, (excerpt) "When She Calls," The Studio Potter Summer / Autumn 2009, Volume 37 #2, pp. 76-77 .
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500 Plates & Chargers
Innovative Expressions of Function & Style

Published by Lark Books, 2008
pages 98 and 125



"I remember my introduction to white clay. I was standing by my favorite wheel one day, near the end of my art schooling at Montana State, when I was given a ball of white stoneware to try. I threw a tumbler, decorated it with black slip, and later covered it with clear glaze. When I saw the black-and-white contrast on the fired piece, I was hooked. Ever since then, I have been working with porcelain fired to Cones 10 and 11 in reduction..."

David Beumée, (excerpt) "Porcelain Bodies for Potters, Recipes, Testing, and Mixing”,  Ceramics Monthly, January 1994, pp. 38-42
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"I think it's time that potters were given more tools and information to find out about the stoneware and porcelain clay bodies that they use. My own bias is toward making one's own clay, because in the process the artist becomes close to the source of their materials when changes need to be made...  I want to present a process by which potters are able to generate their own clay bodies, because clay is the most important material we use. I understand all too well the time constrains placed on all of us who wish to make a living from sales of our work..."

David Beumée, (excerpt) "High-fire Stoneware 
and Porcelain," The Studio Potter December 2003, Volume 32 #1, pp. 41-50 .

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"(David Beumée) One of the youngest artists represented at the Kirkland museum, this widely respected clay artist builds on many of the technical and stylistic traditions represented in the collection."  

(Excerpt) The Denver Post "A Home for Colorado Art," December 21, 2003
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